London Bridge Station War Memorial surround with our specialist bronze finish. Thermal spray.

Artistic Metals specialises in thermal spray finishing (metal coating), a process of encapsulating virtually any substrate in molten metal.  This process is commonly used for anti-corrosion and engineering purposes but Artistic Metals by use of our additional finishing process, achieves beautiful aesthetic finishes which are used by interior designers and architects for commercial contracts. Our 100% metal finishes (metal veneers) are suitable for large or small commercial contracts and can be used indoors and out.

AM finishes can be substantially more cost effective compared to solid metal constructions. For example an MDF-made reception desk, finished in antique bronze would actually mimic the look and feel of a real solid bronze desk because unlike bronze coloured paint our finish is actually real bronze. The AM range  works especially well on metal but other possible substrates include MDF, wood, plaster, concrete, fibreglass, and hardboard, some types of plastic and even thick paper or card.

Our metal finishes are suitable for outdoors, on buildings, within public spaces and garden environments, but an appropriate weather-durable substrate e.g. steel or concrete would be necessary.  The application has both a practical and aesthetic use and demonstrates great durability.

Areas of use include

Finishing on display or exhibition stands, permanent reception desks and kiosks.

Door and wall panelling and fittings within museums.

Entrance control within banks and other public buildings.

Shop sign-work, fittings and for finishing balustrading. 

Garden sculpture, ornament and planters.

London Bridge Station War Memorial  - finished with AM.7 Aged Bronze sealed


Metals for thermal spray

Our portfolio includes work at

Bletchley Park - Hut 11A permanent exhibition

The London Bridge Development - War Memorial

The Tower of London

The Natural History Museum

The Houses of Parliament & Gunnebo Entrance Control

Disneyland Paris

Pizza Express Restaurants

Work for exhibition entries at The Chelsea Flower Show


Department Stores

Private residential


Thermal metal finishes. Metal finish samples in Bronze, copper, pewter, brass. From Artistic Metals.

Our Metal Finishes & Coatings Include                                     Go to our samples page - AM Metal Finishes

Antique Bronze | Aged Bronze | Brass | Copper | Antique Silver/Pewter | Verdigris | Corten | Rose Gold | Blackened Steel

AM finishes are aesthetically striking yet also practical. There are multiple uses and benefits gained by using this metal encasing process.

Contact us to discuss if AM metal finishes will work for your project. We can help guide you through the suitability of the process and advise on finish possibilities.

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