Artistic Metals has over 30 years’ experience in industrial and commercial paint finishing. We are committed to delivering on time and working within tight dead-lines. Contact us to discuss any painting needs and we will be happy to assist on all options.

Surface Treatment

Single & two-pack primers . Two-pack acrylic paints & lacquers . Paint finishes . Textured finishes . Cellulose & epoxy . Anti-slip

Paint Finish Range

Artistic Metals have created an exciting custom paint finish range, suitable for kitchen splash backs & cabinets and perfect for bathrooms and shower rooms. Our finishes can also be applied to wall cladding and panelling, table and desk tops and furniture. Finishes include Amazonia (Natural Verdigris) and Crush, Rock-face, Sparkle all available in any colour. Amazonia provides a completely organic appearance with viridian/blue tones and random Verdigris finish mimicking the natural world. Crush features a random flowing finish, Rock-face a harder edged bolder look and Sparkle incorporates a light sparkle. Each finish can be polished to provide a glass-like appearance that also has depth and tone. Choose your required colours/shades from British standard or RAL colour charts.

Price is worked out by square metre coverage and is dependent on the chosen finish.


Custom paint finishes, kitchen splashbacks, bathroom panels. Artistic Metals, Uckfield.

Paint Finish for Kitchens

A custom paint finished splash back can provide the perfect contemporary look for a stylish new kitchen along with up-grading an existing older kitchen. The finish can also be applied on kitchen furniture and kitchen cabinets.

Our custom finishes can be applied to pre-measured glass or wood panels that fit directly behind the workspace in much the same way as installing glass panels.

For glass panelling the finish would be applied to the back of the clear glass which would then be glued into position. For wood panelling the finish is applied to the front of the panel then polished to resemble glass or vitreous enamel.

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