Unique applied metal finishes & coatings in bronze, copper, brass, pewter and verdigris.

Unique Metal Finishes & Surface Treatment

At ARTISTIC METALS, we specialise in  thermal spray coatings - a process of encapsulating virtually any substrate in molten metal. We have taken this usually industrial, anti-corrosion process and through further finishing have created a range of beautiful contemporary unique metal finishes.

Our aesthetic veneer finishes are used by interior designers and architects for a variety of commercial and residential contracts. We are experienced at working to deadlines and pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standards maintaining good customer satisfaction. We have a standard range of unique metal finishes but are always happy to work with architects and designers to achieve a special look for a client that will reflect both style and substance.

Alongside our unique metal finishes range we also have an interesting custom paint range. These finishes are hard wearing and durable and can be finished gloss, matt, satin or pearlescent.

Additional services include other service treatments, artistic fabrication and other commissioned metal work.


How We Work

With each new customer enquiry our first response is to ascertain exactly what finish is required and where the finish will be used. It’s important to establish if our finishes will be suitable for the clients’ needs and we will always recommend accordingly. Working closely with a client/designer is vital for us as delivering a great product only comes after thorough consultations.

Project considerations include – whether the finish will be inside or out, what kind of substrate it will be on and if the finish needs to be aged and if so to what degree. Assessing all these factors will help to achieve a satisfactory finish. Surface preparation is also an important factor as any imperfections, no matter how small, will be visible on the end finish. This can be good or bad depending on the end result that is required.

Our AM finishes lend themselves brilliantly to either ornate or smooth surfaces. On textured surfaces there can be a clear definition between the high and low points of the surface. The high points can be shined and the low points left showing a darker tone. A smooth even finish will definitely require a completely smooth substrate, but with this brilliant effects will be achieved.

If you have a project you would like to discuss we will be glad to talk to you. Please call us on  01825 763485 for any advice.


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Additional Services

Single and two-pack primers used to prepare work prior to finishing.

Paint finishes using single and two-pack polyurethane paints.  Hard wearing and suitable on substrates that cannot be powder coated such as plastics, wood etc.

Cellulose and epoxy paints and primers. Cellulose - hard wearing, fast drying, ideal for satin and mat finishes. Epoxy primers for heavy duty priming.

Anti-slip floor application available in RAL or BS colours - used in public access areas e.g. on ramps, stair treads and public paths. Textures are available in smooth, medium and rough.

Two-pack acrylic paints and lacquers. Suitable for high gloss finishes.

Textured finishes using polyurethane paints - suitable on substrates that cannot be powder coated such as plastics, wood etc. but with a texture


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