Specialist metal finishes - metal coatings in bronze, copper, brass, pewter, blackened steel.

Metal Coating

There are ten beautiful specialist metal finishes within our AM range. Applied metal coatings in bronze, copper, brass, pewter and verdigris with more variants available. Our metal finishes are 100% real hot metal veneer that can be applied to numerous substrates to provide a cast/solid metal effect. Used by designers and architects on commercial and residential projects. Metal coating for interior decoration, wall panelling, doors, balustrading, receptions, furniture plus external building/garden structure, sculpture and planters etc. Also used on entrance control within banks and public buildings along with sign work,  museum display, shop, bar and restaurant design.

Price is worked out per square metre coverage. Standard metal finishes are a set amount with a highly polished finish carrying an additional cost of approximately one half again.  For more information or a quote please call on 01825 763485

The samples below are sections of a random finish and variants within each finish should always be expected.